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CALIGRIP Liquid Chalk

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Ideal hold, pleasant smell and smart packaging for steady progress and long-term success - try it once and you will feel the benefits of our CALIGRIP Liquid Chalk. The closure is specially designed airtight, so you get the best quality until the last application.

Not much chalk is needed for a strong grip. Just put a small amount of the liquid chalk in your hands, spread it and let it dry for a few seconds. Reapply after a few sets if necessary. After use, simply wash off with water and a little soap.

  • Ultimate grip with long lasting grip for every workout
  • Large 200ml bottle for basics, skills, weighted & freestyle 
  • Airtight cap guarantees long lasting quality until the last application 
  • Pleasant smell due to innovative formula with low alcohol content 
  • Low dusting and easy to wash composition keeps your clothes clean and allows you universal use 
  • Easy to wash off with water Content: 8oz